Our Vision

Live Comfy emerged from a vision to create a travel product that is both practical and attractive. To accomplish this feat we set about designing fashion-forward apparel that incorporates simple but useful technology.


The Jacket

The Live Comfy Jacket is tailored to be clean and simple, we kept the silhouette trim for a modern fit. The exterior is woven from a finely textured cotton-blend while the interior is crafted from an ultra soft microfiber liner.

The Air System

Our patent-pending air system utilizes air suspension and responsive materials to gently cradle your entire head. Individually designed air chambers conform to the shape of your head, providing even weight distribution and reducing pressure points.


The Pump

A compact smart pump quietly inflates the air chambers then shuts off for silent operation. To add to its functionality it serves as a portable battery pack and a digital music hub. The pump can be operated manually or via our mobile app.

The Mobile App

The Live Comfy App’s user-friendly interface is task-oriented to reduce navigation: you can select a precise level of pressure using the centrally located pressure gauge. The App features built-in audio tracks to help drown out ambient noise.




Our hood is interwoven with compact air pockets that are formed by molecular bonding to ensure long-lasting durability


Our rechargeable smart pump conveniently features a USB port and audio jack, and is Bluetooth enabled for seamless operation.


The pump’s built-in USB port allows you to charge all of your mobile devices on the go so you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice.


To fully embrace the concept of wearable technology we’re developing a user-friendly mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.


Connect your favorite headphones to stream music from your Bluetooth enabled device.


The pump is easily removed from an internal media pocket and the jacket can be normally washed and dried.


Our jacket is assembled using soft, breathable fabric. Tapered seams in the chest and waist add a contemporary feel and fit.


Every jacket includes a pure silk eye mask so that you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Our Team

  • Jason Lightman

    Jason Lightman

    Chief Executive Officer

    An avid entrepreneur and our fearless leader, Jason has been dreaming up innovative products since he was a child. His first business (a lemonade stand) was praised by the local community, we’re hoping Live Comfy will do just as well.

  • Andrew Janek

    Andrew Janek

    Chief Operations Officer

    Also referring to himself as the “Chief Comfy Officer,” he works sleeplessly day and night to bring you the full Live Comfy experience. With over 8 years of customer service operations & management experience under his belt, he’ll help you travel relaxed, and do it with a smile.

  • Braden Zoet

    Braden Zoet

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Considering he grew up in the jungle that is Los Angeles, Braden turned out fairly normal aside from his obvious OCD. His perfectionist tendencies keep him up at night envisioning ways to improve the company and our product.

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